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Our Mission? Connect Emerging Thai Artists to the Global Art Market

This Social Network is unique in its kind because it aims to be the biggest interactive database of Emerging Thai Artists. Every year, over 500 Thai Artists graduate from Fine Arts Universities but have few opportunities to access the Art market. To connect these new generations of Thai artists with their potential clients, sponsors, and partners, in Thailand and all over the world, Rock Around Asia has launched this Online Incubator.

Our Responsibility? Create a Sustainable Ecosystem for Thai Artists

This project was born out of 5 years of experience in operating an Art Gallery in Bangkok and forming strong relationships with Emerging Thai Artists (Silpakorn Faculty of Fine Arts, King Mongkut Institute of Technology Latkrabang, Chiang Mai Faculty of Fine Art). All of these young talented artists need funds, early customers, connections, sponsors and support to launch their careers. We believe all of them should have an opportunity. Rock Around Asia is a Digital Age Online Incubator, a creative and business-minded team that is very knowledgeable about the Thai Art Industry and its challenges.

Your Benefits? Buy Art at a Fair Price, Connect to Artists and Access Services

These young emerging talented Thai artists need funds to pay for their art studies and start their careers as artists. Rock Around Asia acts as a social incubator which curates, supports and promotes all of these artists without any discrimination and connects them to the global art market. Through this platform and related services, you’ll get access to a vast collection of awesome Thai Art For Sale (price range is from 5,000 THB up to 120,000 THB), and can get a sense of the current Thai art market, follow up on Artist careers, talk directly to Thai artists, get promotions, be informed about social actions, events, evolution of the Thai art market etc.

Your Contribution? A 10,000 THB Deductible Membership Fee

To grant our customers access to a Valuable Online Art Marketplace, we have fixed the yearly membership fee at 10,000 THB, which includes 2 levels of services (Premium and Optional). This 10,000 THB Membership Fee will be deducted from your first purchase. Sign up for full access to the range of artists that we support. Browse artist profiles and get information about the artists through photos, videos, interviews and biographies. Contact them, deal with them, be a mentor, inspire them, support them. Purchase, lease and commission art in a very secure way, get quotations for premium services etc.