Jirattaya Martwijit

Painting (Oil on canvas)
Graduate in Fine Arts

Jirattaya Martwijit’s oil paintings depict uniquely atmospheric portraits that explore the connection between outward appearance and inner emotional landscape. By using colour and texture to isolate and enhance certain body parts, imbuing these with a sense of personality and character, Jirattaya questions and subverts standard portrait conventions.

Jirattaya works with portraits of individuals where she explores the link between their inner psychology and their outward appearance. To do this, she does not limit her portraiture to the head or face of her subject, but instead depicts whichever part of their body is most expressive of their individuality. By representing her subject using just their legs or their torso, Jirattaya challenges us to connect the subject’s body to their personality as a sitter.

When choosing what to paint, Jirattaya waits to be inspired by impressions of human bodies that are evocative and and powerful. Her images are snapshots of movement and gesture. The bodies in Jirattaya’s works are often disembodied, taken apart and cut off with encroaching patterns and colours. This forces the viewer to focus completely on a singular part of the human body.

There is also, however, an emphasis on the fact that the bodies belong to subjects with rich inner lives. The bodies that she depicts are clearly differentiated, and do not appear as generic but rather as subtly individualized. Jirattaya indicates the personality of the subjects through methods such as pose and gesture, as well as choice of pattern and colour in her backgrounds.

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