Interview with Jirattaya Martwijit


Jirattaya Martwijit’s oil paintings explore how portraits of individuals can teach us about their inner lives in combination with their outward appearances. Rock Around Asia recently spoke to Jirattaya about her working process, future goals and how her art explores the conjunction of the outer and inner self.

What is your personal history with art?

When I was 15, it was clear to me that art would be my life-long journey. I got accepted at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang where I learned about art in-depth. After graduating I worked as an art teacher for several years, and continued developing my skills and my understanding of art. Later, I spent some years traveling and living abroad. This experience changed my worldview a lot, and my art in recent years has been inspired by this experience. Today, my journey is still continuing. I still keep learning, searching for inspiration and focusing on developing my art.

What is the main theme of your art?

My art is about individuals. The inner and outer selves are two main elements that combine together and project the visible appearances of an individual. In my work, I capture a moment that the individual projects and I translate this impression into a painting.

What inspires you when creating your art?

My inspiration comes from my curiosity and interest about things around me, particularly about people. I’m interested in what we can see in a person from the outside and what’s behind the façade. These two elements, the inner and outer self, have totally distinctive characteristics that I find it very interesting.

What is your working process?

To create each piece of work, I need to be inspired. I usually see the picture in my head when something leaves an impression and inspires my imagination. Then I paint that picture and make it visible in the real world. I work in painting, and my medium of choice is oil on canvas.

Why do you want to be an artist?

I want to make my life a work of art. I want to be surrounded by like-minded people and creativity. It excites me when I can learn new things both from the outside and from within. The process of creating art allows me to learn, explore and grow as an artist and as a person.

What are your goals for the future?

My goal for the future is to create a cultural center where like-minded people can gather together and express their ideas and creativities.

Words: Ellen Oredsson and Jirattaya Martwijit